Glenwood Manor

by Lions & Archers

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Glenwood Manor is a creation by two wildly in love Babysailors, Michael & Ariel. Find more at their website:


released September 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Lions & Archers Chicago, Illinois

Chicago based babysailors

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Track Name: Babysailor
You wanna play hopscotch with me this weekend
It's okay
Or perhaps you'd prefer to wait for the Millennium

I can learn to fly an aeroplane in a formation, babygirl
You can come to all of my airshows
Don't be so amazed
Don't be so amazed cause it took a lot of practice
There were many times I thought I couldn't hack this
But I stayed true to the game
I stayed true to the game

Why different species of faces
Why you wearin braces
Why Y2k
Why Julio Iglesias
Why your body so spacious
I ain't tryna be factitious
You're just a different species

Dialin up the net
Now I'm surfin the web
Just emailed my Vietnamese friend
We were recently reunited courtosey of Povich
Via satellite

Then you joined my Dojo
said it was kind of so so
I better forewarn you
The Sensei man will scorn you
Believe you me you'll have many hardships to endure
Test of Mayan wisdom

Why the raking of leaves
Why they be fallin from trees
What are the birds and the bees
The blessed thoughts you sneeze

Why you copin a feel
Why ain't you keepin it real
While you're a suspect at large
Babysailors on a barge
Track Name: Nesting Dolls in St. Charles
Neon yellow teeth '
The birds in the trees
Shot down by the kids on the street
Loaded origami guns (x2)

Hiroshima eyes
All the neighbor wives
Smoking on the front porch
Orchestra suburbia (x2)

Manicured lawns
The men in the bars
Pregnant robin broken wing
Everything's for sale here
Everything must go (X4)
Track Name: Cabrini Green
My dress the color of Cabrini Green
You're the prettiest girl that I've ever seen

Stitch the rips in your old jeans
if this were a movies it'd be my favorite seen

Two soda pops from a corner street store
I'll give you the world and so much more

When you're hurt I'll kiss you where it's sore
When you're on your feet I'll wish I were the floor


My Cabrini Green Girl (x3)

Kiss me under a bloated moon
Babygirl I swear I'll get us out of here soon
Cut your hair in the dark of our room
You'll be my bride and I'll be your groom (x2)

My Cabrini Green Girl (x3)
Track Name: Sixteen Moons and Jupiter
The babies are born all blue and pewter
Like the old but something newer
If you don't like your wife then shoot her
Or trade her in for something cuter

Make your mouth do something wicked
And when you're through she can kiss it
Behind a garbage dumpster pissin
Cigarettes and whiskey sippin

Your lock-jawed for life
Can't sleep at night
Never get it right
But it's alright

There's a disease in the place
Embroidered all in gold and lace
You can hear the sound of grace
It feels like birth or maybe shame

The spiders have claimed all the corners
So we make our beds from brick and mortar
Vacation homes fast food orders
God is shutting down the borders


The babies are born all blue and pewter
Like the old but something newer
If you don't like your wife then shoot her
Or trade her in for something cuter